Security guard services in McAllen. The best protection by Genuine Security.

Bodyguard personal security in McAllen

Security guard services in McAllen Texas offered by Genuine Security is the safest, most reliable, and professional security guard service for your next event.

Genuine Security, in McAllen Texas, provides exceptional security to any type of event. Ranging from: Trade shows, special events, schools (all levels), office buildings, shopping centers, malls, house of worship, concerts, hotels, award shows, and many others for large or small venues. We also cater to all types of private events.

Whether uniformed, undercover, or suit and tie, we will provide the service that best suits your needs.

Our professional and licensed security guards regularly receive scheduled training and we stay on top of the latest rules and laws to ensure the security guard services we provide are exceptional, professional, and most importantly provide a safe and fun environment for your event.

Our commitment to our security team, staff, and our clients has always been to provide the best security. As such, your security is our highest priority and our consistent track record has us ranked among one of the best security companies in Texas.

Pablo – Owner
Security Guard Services in McAllen
Security Guard Services in McAllen

Although we are based in McAllen and provide all types of security around the Rio Grande Valley, we are licensed to operate in the state of Texas and routinely provide security for venues around the state. Our guards are licensed to operate armed as well as unarmed and tailor to your event.

Based on the type of event and venue, we will coordinate with the event organizer and determine the best approach to a providing a streamlined and effective security security service for your event. Car patrols, armed or unarmed guards, location and placement of guards, effective and quick communication, and effective threat deterrence, are just some of the ways we will help your event be as incident free as possible.

Contact us today to get a free evaluation for your next event. You may also call us at 956-529-5582 to get started.

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