Security Guard Training

Become a Licensed Security Guard and work in one of the most exciting job industries.

Security Guard Services in Schol

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Security Guard Training available.

We are a licensed as a school as well and offer the required courses and training to help you become a licensed security guard. We also assist in job placement as well as provide the real hands on experience you need to be successful in providing safety and security to people.

What does it take?

You will need to be courageous and prepared for everything and anything on and off duty.

Being a security guard is a rewarding career where you provide safety to everyone around you.

As an active security guard, you may be placed in different environments. You must adapt and most importantly be dedicated to be successful.

An ever changing career opportunity

Whether working in a commercial or mall setting, concerts or events, providing private or bodyguard services, or even working in a corporate setting, your services are in high demand and well compensated.

Security Guard Training

State Approved Training

Our training program is licensed by the state of Texas under License F0139 so you can rest assured you will receive the best training available to you. Our experienced instructors will dedicate themselves to make sure you succeed and become the best Licensed Security Guard you can be.

Ready to being your career?