McALlen warehouse security & industrial security

McAllen Warehouse Security and Industrial Security

We provide the best and most reliable McAllen warehouse security as well as for industrial areas and compounds. Our security guards are highly coordinated, effective, and reliable when it comes to taking care of your facility.

McAllen warehouse Security

The most reliable McAllen warehouse security

McAllen warehouse security provides the best security for your warehouse, compound, or industrial setting. Our professional and licensed security guards are the best at what they do and work around the clock to protect your assets. With a formulated plan based on your building and needs, McAllen warehouse security provided by Genuine Security will ensure you get the best protection and security for your business.

With the rising costs of goods and doing business, there is no better time to have proper McAllen warehouse security for your place of business. No matter the size, our licensed security guards always remain vigilant and professional when it comes to securing your assets.

Depending on the size and needs of your facility we can offer the following:

  • Vehicle Patrols
  • Armed or unarmed guards
  • Surveillance
  • Cameras & Keypad entry solutions
  • Systematic patrolling of key areas
  • and more


Our McAllen warehouse security guards are very versatile and able to perform a number of tasks. McAllen warehouse security officers can be tasked with allowing or denying access to the property. Our guards can also act as a chaperone to visitors to ensure that they access only the locations they are authorized to visit. Security Guards from Genuine Security are also able to enforce rules and and regulations related to parking lots and garages.

If your location has delivery trucks coming in and out of the compound, we are able to visually inspect as needed each and every truck as it comes in or out. We can also restrict the number of vehicles coming in at any given time as well.


We will protect your assets non stop

Our McAllen warehouse security team regularly trains and practices drills to ensure we are always on point when it comes to our duty to protect what we are hired to do. Call us today to get started with a free consultation.

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